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Greenius :: iTiVO User iTiVO
VS: greenius by aMADme ( link )

WP: link

Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Greenius by iTiVO
Wallpaper Promo two tile by j3concepts 

MaeTroX What plugin is it you use on the upper right corner to get download/upload speed?
iTiVO Sysmonplus
junkie very nice! something i would definately use.
junkie *definitely
iTiVO Thanks junkie :)
qwilk Nice style! However, you should stick to either 0.65 syntax (e.g. menu.hilite) or 0.7x syntax (e.g., and the solid elements are only defined as "flat" (I guess bbLean's fallback is solid while in other branches it's horizontal iirc). Besides that I personally hate wildcards in styles, but I guess that's a matter of taste... *shrug*
iTiVO It's rather my lack of knowledge for the right style syntax that mixes the different syntaxes and lacks certain elements that are needed for xob. As for the wildcards, i think its ok for styles to have them ;) oh, and glad you like it :)
cthu1hu The menu looks great. I just figured out I can get all my styles xob compatible with a border wildcard. But I still have to add "border" to all my window titles because of a bug in bbleanskinmod. Sorry for the threadjack.
qwilk xoblite compatible == define all parameters! :) (the reason it does not support more than the most common wildcards is that "pervasive wildcarding" makes proper style parsing with the right fallbacks a pain. Sure, it can be done; in fact I've done it in a trial parsing engine that had other issues compared to the current one. And those who know me know I care about my pixels... =] )
qwilk blackboxwm 0.70.x style syntax -> link
cthu1hu I don't have bb 0.70 running, but bblean uses "borderWidth: 1" while xob requires "*.borderWidth: 1" or it wont draw borders on certain elements. But the star isn't required on other things. It's just the 0.70 features that seem to be so strict.

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