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kings of the hill :: dpcdpc11 User dpcdpc11
dubox's latest fluxbox screen inspired me to do something similar.
i also captured my little and efficient foobar2000.. just love that piece of software!
hope you like my screen. 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style black peace by dpcdpc11
Wallpaper the hill 

roka Crazy menu that you got there.
mini-man Ditto roka, the menu is a tad cluttered up but other than that the style is clean and yells usability. Good work, as usual :)
dpcdpc11 glad u like the style... regarding the menu i wanted to make something different so i narrowed everything down to just 2 letters. for me it works just perfect cause i know everything what they are.
iTiVO Menu doesnt work for me and those 2 bars above the menu and taskbar sort of look not right. Sry =/
dpcdpc11 it doesn't have to work for everyone... u dont have to use my menu... and there are no 2 bars above the menu and the taskbar... in the bottom frame that contains the systembarex and some bbi elements i added a blank frame with border for pure estetics... and it looks much better than a simple booring frame with stuff in it. oh well... i guess i can't please everybody.
iTiVO Those 2 bars = 1 on the menu and 1 on the taskbar. the rest of the style looks nice though.
Wiktorion That wallpaper is very beutiful. I love it. I also like how you've slimmed down the menu; looks neat. :)
dpcdpc11 glad to hear that u like it bro... thanks for you comment!

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