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iridescence :: lord e. User lord e.
get the wall here . fb2k panels_ui theme is tooleJrawr04 by tool++ (here ). visual style is gsm by akka. stylefile is a bit haphazard and messy, some elements aren't styled 'cos i don't use them (toolbar buttons and stuff, probably) but it should be useable. 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style whiteredkinda by Lord E.
Wallpaper iridescence by evran jawad/wilson poon 

iTiVO I have to say that i love your latest works. Again something i'd definatley use.
mini-man I love it all - except for the huge recycle bin icon. Dunno, just doesn't seem right to me. The rest is A+
lord e. thanks! yeah, the recycle bin's something i've been meaning to change, but never got around to..
blueswilder The best style I have ever see!
dpcdpc11 i like it dude... fits all just perfect.. nice foobar btw!
lord e. hahaha, didn't think people would like this one so much. thanks for the kind words!
qwilk Hmm, there could be a bug in bbLean... menu.title.fontHeight is defined but menu.frame.fontHeight is not. It falls back to *fontHeight, when (at least as far as I know) it should fall back to the defined menu.title.fontHeight. Or shouldn't it?

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