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Penguin Heart :: Pitkon User Pitkon
I've been influenced by many Blackbox style authors, but mainly by three people - NC-17, with his elegant lines, Magnificent Owl, with his "soft" touch, and Steve Flynn, a Fluxbox author, with his imaginative use of styles and wallpapers. This is a tribute to NC-17. Wallpaper was originally included with the permission of its author, Mark Riedesel at link, but since I can't upload it here u can find it there. I also wish to thank dubox for bringing this artist to my attention. 
Shell blackbox
Wallpaper Gentoo Green 

eL'Criticon is it the same style as the one made by Dubox.. its wallpaper is also with penguins,,,... or am i blind to see they are different
echokammer eL'Criticon your more than blind....
Jesterace Wow that is a nice looking desktop. I really like the layout of the plugins
dreamer totally rocking :)
Pitkon Thanx, Jesterace... Thanx, dreamer... I had uploaded the style file, too, but I don't see it in the style box...

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