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1st and hope :: thewayofzen User thewayofzen
heres a quick style released simply to release something. there was a mention in the chatbox where someone said they enjoyed my styles.. ive always found them a little predictable and bland though im greatful SOMEONE likes them. This styles for that guy i guess? 
Shell xoblite
Style blackfyre by thewayofzen
Wallpaper found at 

thewayofzen focused windowlabel on the window shades matches the menu frame.. my bad i shoulda showed it.
iTiVO They might be predictable, but they all look great. And if somethings predictably great, it's all win. This is just another proof.
dpcdpc11 good one mate... relaxing wall and a nice style... just the way to do it!
qwilk Ehm... haven't you already released a style named blackfyre? :) -> link
qwilk (yeah I know, the posting backend parses the tag =] )
thewayofzen zen is lazy. i forgot to edit the name its called 1st and hope.. only cause i was watching that movie when i made it.
skwire 'bout damn time you made a comeback. =] Lovely as always, bro.
cthu1hu wtf? it's a great style. please stfu.
mini-man Ignore the n00b. This style pwns...I can't believe i missed it.
dpcdpc11 hey junior... go windows blinds yourself... if you don't like it.. zipp it... nobody asked u to write a comment.
thewayofzen lol.. he's entitled to his opinion. Personally id like to see what hes got in his bag of tricks... so far all hes shown us are other peoples work. Until then.. be well.
dpcdpc11 sure he's entitled to his own opinion but i think he should sustain his argument... give some reasons why this looks like shit.
doctorfrog i'm thinking cyeh was maybe kidding. caps intended for irony. if not, it's still funny.
BoBo This styles for that guy i guess?
BoBo That guy better speak up more often. We need more styles like these here!!!
cthu1hu i said a lot worse about a zen style once. i had full on major depression tho, and would imagine people were slighting me when they weren't. I apologize for that twoz. I do like your styles and your great people. peace
thewayofzen thanks cthu1hu.. honestly as much as i kinda did get bitter over some of those comments i honestly gotta say.. your stuffs top notch.. easily the best comming outta the community these days. . and i think everyone agrees with me on that.
iTiVO I agree, but add Minimal. He's really putting it out there, too.
cthu1hu You'd definitely be in the top 5 twoz, but hey, it's not a competition anyway ;)
mini-man Thanks itivo, I'm flattered :> But as cthu said, not a competition :D
dgen looks great :) one thing...get rid of that tray window or something :p I HATE THA TRAYWINDOW :p
Jarppi I gotta say, you got some excellent ideas and themes, but there are some things i _hate_ about your skins. 1) bevels - large and noticeable bevels give me the creeps. 2) sunken menus. yech. it just aint right :( 3) font & bullets - they just don't fit. they're too.. large i guess. I'm more a minimalistic type of dude. 4) raised buttons. :< again, too noticeable. however, with a few tweaks, this could be my favorite style :) the color scheme is awesome and the background fits in perfectly. you're works are absolutely great, but i gotta say i prefer cthu1hu's works. keep it up! \o

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