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excavate :: mini-man User mini-man
Dunno...I was bored i guess..just felt like doing something dark.  
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style excavate by //inimal
Wallpaper Excavator_5_by_Ulysses_31 

iTiVO What i said over at zen's last sub.
mini-man Ah! didn't notice =X I don't deserve it. you, cthu1hu, twoz, snkmchnb are teh pwnenators :>
iTiVO You certainly do :) And now i'm flattered ;)
BoBo Hope im not interrupting something here. lol.... anyways, you should do a 3dc. minimal does good 3dc. second only to crowmag's in terms of usability. imho. thanks for the style.
iTiVO You are talking to me, right? I use visual styles and try to create styles that fit/imitate them. At least thats what i did with my last few styles. Sry for using this as chat =/
meridian_blue Good pick...

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