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waiting :: mini-man User mini-man
I know the top bar seems busy but oh well... 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style reloaded by //inimal
Wallpaper Waiting for the sun again (lassekongo83 @ dA) 

lord e. me likes. speaking of top/side/whatever bars, every time i got something like that going i ended up getting rid of it before the week was out... heh.
TibeRiuS how to get workspaces buttons like that?
mini-man Thanks. Don't worry, there's a very good chance I'll remove it too within the next few days. lol. xD TibeRiuS: Which workspace buttons? If you're referring to the bottom right, that's BBPager.
lord e. heh, *bars just aren't my thing, really. shame, as i always spend quite a bit time working on them, only to get rid of them soon after. also, i really like your menu.
mini-man I actually didn't use BBI for a long time. Just felt like a change I guess. And thanks.
mini-man Forgot to mention, all credits for the BBI go to Skwire for inspiration.
iTiVO I repeat myself, but: L O V E
mini-man I repeat myself too: T H A N K S :)
cthu1hu I like what you've done with the place.
mini-man Thanks.
soiled What is that little shutdown tool I see in your other screen shots? I don't see it here, but I do see one in your other shots. Has a light switch icon on it.
roka It's called gehrunnerjunge, just google for it. You can modify almost everything.
soiled Thank you.
palidium I'm very interest with the icons showed in this style, how you change those icons in the system tray? Are there any special plugin for it or its not on the Windows XP system?
po4esyn i`m use your idea in my desk ;) minimal thk +5
mini-man I'm using the Super Turbo Tango Patcher, palidium. And thanks po4esyn.

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