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x-coal :: uzer User uzer
no its not bluebox, no i am not running bwm, no its not a ms style, no its not a windowblind or shellwm style. 
Shell blackbox
Style x-coal 

Pitkon OK, uzer, u win. What is it, then? Efx? Illumination? BBWINSKIN????? Nah, I don't think so...
moshi from the buttons i?d say it?s bbwinskin. seems it?s not style aware yet, but great nonetheless. i wouldn?t mind to stick to Artwiz? Chaos anyways :)
NC-17 actually, that IS style aware. Holy fark. that looks good. It is colourblind by qwilk, and that's what the windows are supposed to look like. So... wow, yeah... BBWinSkin here we come babeh!
Pitkon OK, so, if this IS bbwinskin (and uzer was feeling the magic in his comment at bb4win's site) then we should announce x-coal as screenshot of the year and award uzer a free copy of windowblinds... Lol
iridium it's bbwinskin coming! take look at the small icon on the right bottom..
oldskull uzer: "kool thing" - sonic youth :)
moshi NC-17: oops, my bad ... i blame the JPEG compression for fooling my eyes.
uzer yea, the jpeg compression is bad, sorry for the title i should have made it coulourblind but i was originally going to use the x-coal theme, but oh well, everyone will be able to do their own screenshots soon
padey Hi, nice screenshot, I just love it. I have been looking for that wallpaper for about a year now and can't find it :S I would appreciate it if you could link it or send it to me by mail?! :) Thanks in advance. / padey
padey Never mind, I found it :D google skillz

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