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Sistine :: Pitkon User Pitkon
One more BBClean NEB screenie... 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Sistine by pitkon 
Wallpaper Sistine 

crowmag Bad to the bone once again Pete, nice metallic look. If I weren't so anal about my boot time I would run a shell switcher and do a bit of experimenting of my own with the new grads. But seeing as the new syntax isn't set in stone just yet, I'll just take the easy route :)
Pitkon Thanx, Duane! You are right about the syntax, but, knowing you, don't you feel the itch to experiment? :) Anyway, that's the reason I don't upload the style yet...
cthu1hu Nice. Like the blue and the Giger wall.
Pitkon Thanx, cthu1hu :) I love Giger's work myself...
Jarppi Huge.

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