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Current Desktop :: oldskull User oldskull
My current BBClean N.E.B with gnomic style by Minimal with slightly mod by me and play with some transparency to make it a bit glass look :) 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style gnomic 

dpcdpc11 nice one bro... i see u also use yz shadow, right? just wondering about the Font... what the name of the font u used?
crowmag Sweet!
Greybeard Pure simplicity!
superficia coolzz... can u share the style?... including the shadow style. thanks
mini-man slickness incarnate :O
frantic Awesomeness!
Kolik WOW !! Perfect ! i never pay too much attention to the styles but this one is just perfect (at least for me) Would you share it ? Or just the wallpaper and the font ? Felicitations anyway !
mini-man also, what font is that?
Kolik I found the wallpaper: from the serial "Seasons" by -KOL on DeviantArt.
Kolik I found the wallpaper: from the serial "Seasons" by -KOL on DeviantArt.
oldskull Thanks mate. The font is Swis721 Cn BT D-Type yeah the wall is from kol. I would release the style if people like it :)
mini-man Thanks. And I'm assuming the weather and the stats are samurize? And got a link to the miranda? And release it, I command thee! D:
Kolik Thanks. It's not Yahoo Widgets ? WidescapeWeather widget ? Really great job.
oldskull yeah they are Yahoo widgets not samurize. and marinda im skin is mine modded :P
mini-man Kthnx
oldskull Do you want the miranda im skin? Let me know I will email the skin
mini-man I would love to but I don't use clist modern :( But looking into the weather widget atm
oldskull Ok. You can find it at Yahoo Widget website. As Kolik mention it the name of widget is WidescapeWeather.
exes good
Kolik Will you release this style or keep it and make us crying after ;-) I try to set it now with the screenshot, not easy :-))
oldskull yeah I can release it but I already made a new style and will upload it soon :)
Kolik Ok, thanks a lot !

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