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B-Brown :: cthu1hu User cthu1hu
The first BB2 screenshot on boxshots?

Included is a blackbox style. 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style B-Brown by cthu1hu

dpcdpc11 let me just say: WOOW!!! BB2 is gonna rock.. thats for sure!! love those rounded corners and menu and window buttons... top work mate!!!
mini-man it's okay I guess :P j/k. Not that I'll ever get my hands near the thing, it does look rather appealing..
lord e. now that is sexy.
captain must... have... now... =O~~~~~
iTiVO How do you implement a google search in your startpage? Nice choice of music btw :) Something looks odd with the handlespacing on the rounded corners.
dpcdpc11 i'm also curious about implementing agoogle search into my start page... i also use a similar start page that i made in Dreamweaver... all i need now is a google search on it.
cthu1hu Thanks for the comments. Here's the html link
dpcdpc11 thanks for the html code!! now my home page is complete.
sMs Impressive work.. as always cthu1hu *claps* bb2 to be released when?
sMs any bb2 webpage ? i would like to know the new features...
cthu1hu Thanks sMs. It looks like this might be the final release.

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