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Warm_BB :: iTiVO User iTiVO
Thomax inspired/copied once again.
The VS running underneath the BBStyle is "Warm" of the Ambush pack he released.

Try the new Cubic explorer version, it's a revolution in usabilty. 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Warm_BB 
Wallpaper Just a simple gradient 

dpcdpc11 interesting choice of colors mate... but it looks pretty neat and usable... i've tried the latest Cx 81a3... and it looks promissing.. but in usability is not even near to total commander... and is slower than TC as well... the way you can play with the settings in TC is just amazing. Cheers and merry christmas!!
iTiVO I don't know why, but i just dislike TC =/ +CE is pretty customizable by now But thanks anyway :)
mini-man Nice colors. And I was a hardcore CE fanatic but totalcmd won me over, not surprising. I decided usability and functionality is more important than customizability/looks/eye-candy. :) Now that I look back, I don't know how I lived without 2 panes, built-in FTP, sync-dirs, etc...Cubic is just like explorer with tabs,
unkamunka any chance of releasing this nice adaption? FWIW I use FreeCommander for the dual panes, but CE has a better bookmarks system.
iTiVO I'll probably release it on custo, after asking thomax for permission :) Minimal, thats exactly what i love about CE, and personally i dont need two panels, the tabs replace that for me. Ofc its all a matter of taste ;)
dpcdpc11 in TC you got tabs and 2 panels... and you can lock the tabs but also allow the directory to be changed... i tell you guys... the power of TC is impressive... the way you can associate each file's view with a different application and tons of other functional settings... it even has support for various types of plugins... don't wanna avertise this piece of software but it's the best file browser ever!!!
iTiVO unkamunka: I got permission, so i can release whenever i find the time ;)
Thomax Like i said on custo: Great shot! and the caption buttons looks really good :)

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