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Dark_Angel :: XZero450/Evolution User XZero450/Evolution
I think the only thing special is the recompiled SystemBarEx from the CVS to use the N.E.B. gradients..

I can't remember how I got the image, but I could e-mail if you're interested.. 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Dark_Angel by LorD-Zero (
Wallpaper Dark Angel version 2 by Ironshod 

Pitkon Looks pretty good! Recompiled sysbarex? Where? Who? How?
dpcdpc11 looks nice... although the text is not that visible... and also use systembar ex.. but it's not recompiled or anything.. amd split gradient just works.
XZero450 Where: My laptop - Who: me - How: VS2k5 are correct that they do indeed work, oddly enough, good thing my goal wasn't to get them working =X ..I was having other issues with it.. noccy told me to "stfu and recompile it"(bit exaggerated) so I did.. ;-) I can even prove it if you disbelieve =)
dpcdpc11 my only problem with systembarex si that when i set the style to Auto for Pressed... sometimes the Pressed[active task] is getting black for no reason... i have to unload and load the plugin again to make it work properly again. does this bug shows in your version?? if not could you send it to me please?
XZero450 As of yet, it's just a freshly compiled "test-0304".. I will set it to auto and test it, I do remember the problem occurring when I first started using blackbox variants..
skwire dpcdpc11, that bug you're describing is fixed in this version of SystemBarEX: link XZero450, you may want to apply your patches to that version a well since it's the last version of SBX that is available.
Pitkon Xzero, can you upload your build somewhere? If not, I'd be mighty obliged if you e-mailed it to me :) Thanx!
dpcdpc11 thanks skwire for the link... i've been running bbClean for several hours now and it seems the bug is no more!
XZero450 Pitkon, here: link
Pitkon Thanx, xzero... Hope shadows work on this one... :)
Pitkon Sorry, shadows don't work here either... Plus, the active bar (Window Label) gets black... :(
XZero450 Shadows for....? I just recompiled it =P As for the black thing, that was supposed to be fixed in a newer version, are you using that one? [Same link] Hit me up on msn or irc if you are..

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