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desktop220108 :: CopperWings User CopperWings
using bblean 116. only a few plug-ins. console is a cmd wrapper app from, check it out! very minimal style. yes... using foobar, needed its ASIO output plus its a really good player. 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Transparency 2 
Wallpaper picture of Orion 

dpcdpc11 nice layout and cool style... about foobar... i sugget you also try kernel streaming output plugin... i'm a music producer and that what i'm using and i'm verry happy with the sound quality.
CopperWings Yep... you are right. had it but never used it... :o hehe! works for me and is better than the asio output! thanks for the comments dpcdpc11 ! by the way, your styles rock!
cthu1hu nice
poloniumv Nice theme )
CopperWings thanks you guys! ;-)

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