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NeoGreen :: kam0t3 User kam0t3
My first one playing with 3DC file. this is a great place to learn stuff. hope you like it. 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Wallpaper matrix.jpg 

cthu1hu this is what blackbox is all about. all it needs is for the UI font to match.
kam0t3 thnx man. wat font do you recommend and do post the link.
cthu1hu marke eigenbau maybe, though it's not very matrixy. link that or mon nom mono (no linky)
crowmag Usable, readable, dark and cool with no retina burning - me likes. Great work on the 3DC! But, be honest, is the "Start" button really necessary? :P
kam0t3 @crowmag: "Start" for my lack of imagination. bwahaha.. that's just a label for desktop1. desktop2 is "Finish". by the way are you the same guy that posted the 3dc format? if your are tnx, helped a lot.
crowmag You mean in the forums? Well, along with Nightbreed, Squeeto, and a few others... :)
guest where do i download this and other skins? There is no download button :O
kam0t3 @crowmag: yup.. @guest: i sent it to your email. do check & inform me once you got it.
Case PLZ!!! Send me the style via email! Its GREAT!
nitz I'm interested in this style too, would love it if you could drop it by me :)
vampirebc I'm also very interested in this style if you could drop it by me it would be appreciated
garfnl This one is awesome, could you send it to me, tnx in advance

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