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mini-station :: mini-man User mini-man
Wall is just a simple generated one from starfish + patchwork filter in photoshop + curves/levels tweaking + color overlay. I got kinda bored of everything and decided to go crazy...with my favorite color. :D 
Shell xoblite
Style ministation by mini-man
Wallpaper Starfish 

dpcdpc11 yet another great shot and cool clean style... nice work bro!!
mini-man Thanks. :D I can see myself using this for a looong time...
iTiVO I have the same feeling with my last shot. I can see your reasons to stick what you've got now. it's lovely.
crowmag Nice, clean and /\/\inimal :) wha? You changed your buttons around again? *chuckles* :)
mini-man Thanks iTiVO and crowmag. And yeah, I decided it looked horrible, even though I was just fine with it (it took more getting used to switching back than it did switching to the left, believe it or not)... :P
plain-doh The colors are nice... I seem to like this one better than your others :P Good job, though!
mini-man Thanks. :D
mini-man Thanks. :D
captain great style... very calm :) could you please email me the wall, i love it.
mini-man Thanks cap'n. :) wallpaper: link
Spoofing nice, but previous styles were better :)
mini-man Thanks Spoofing. :) Yeah, this time I just went for something usable and clean, something I could use for a long time, not necessarily too hot-looking. :)

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