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my navy :: oldskull User oldskull
Shell blackbox
Style navy 

Pitkon Again, excellent hues... And, yes, style and WP links at ur site, right?
oldskull thanks again, no this one not yet. Will add tomorrow, got to go bed now. But the wall u can found it at the same website as the other wall.
sMs it is easy to make shellwm skins?
dubox very nice style!
necroboi nice work on both styles :)
oldskull sMs: for me not so hard anymore, because I made fews of them, only u need to know a few things if u use Photoshop.
oldskull thanks guys!
FrEaKoNaLeAsH awesome wp man. i'm kinda new to bblean and was wondering what the url of ur site was. nice work

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