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darkbox :: kettcar User kettcar
wow, this was one piece of work.. took an entire night and half of the next day to get this straight. but well, i shot my windows and took the opportunity to reinstall it - and a vanilla xp install is just - ugly. well, get the style, 3dcc and wall here: link  
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style darkbox 
Wallpaper darkbox 

cthu1hu Nice desktop. The fonts could match a bit better though ;)
Mew Looks great!!
dpcdpc11 another great style and setup... ur getting better and better bro.. loving the foobar config!! keep up the good work~
SpyderBlade Hey great looking style. I want to know.. how do you manage that 2 gradient title bar? Did bb get updated with this?
kettcar bb has been supporting split gradients for a while.. or at least the N.E.B has. i'm using the newest bbclean build (1.16 feb. 08 release - link )
Sneeza How did you get the cpu icon and the Apps menu?

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