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screencap 2008 march :: szekelya User szekelya
Style is a modified version of msg2, first modded by kettcar, then further modded by me, but anyway.
Some BBInterface goodies added, plus samurize, rocketdock and pidgin is used. 
Shell BBLC\BBLean

cthu1hu Your setups are a class act. What are you using to display the desktop icons? (might have asked you that already)
szekelya Thanks, you make me proud. Both the desktop icons and the meters in the top right corner are samurize. Bro@ms are assigned to right clicks on desktop icons so that they pop up menus with the contents of those folders.
miqlas Nagyon-nagyon tetszik, csak kellene hozzá egy ilyen szép nagy monitor :) Gratulálok, ügyes vagy. Ha lehetséges, privátban adhatnál pár tanácsot, mert úgy látom, Neked kicsit jobban megy ez :) Bye! miq
Teo Dude, cool work, is there any way to give me your samurize conf ;)
dejitaru Amazing shot tho slight question, I understand that you're using RocketDock (quite nice dock app) tho it appears you're using tabs or some such so ummm care to share what ya did? I'm guessing something like ObjectDock's Drawers or using word icons.
szekelya @dejiartu: nope, don't beleive your eyes. That's plain old rocketdock. The bg is configured with "Outside-LeftMargin = 1000" so that it fills my 1680 screen width, and what you call tabs are simple custom made icons done in 3 minutes: I got three different templates, a square, a left curved, and a right curved version. And simply put some text in it. The trick is that I only use the bottom half of 128x128 png's, the upper half is plain transparent. @Teo: if I will have some time I'll try to export the samurize config for you, but I suck at it, so I don't even try when I'm busy during the day.
kettcar neat ;D
dejitaru Hmm interesting, leaves me to ask one last that black bar across the bottom from RocketDock (dock background) or some editing of the wallpaper? As I'm guessing the wallpaper unless your dock has alotta separators (I'm imagining transparent pngs also)
szekelya Nope, that's the dock background, and as I wrote before, the reason why it takes the whole width of the screen is that the ini file contains a "Outside-LeftMargin = 1000" parameter, that stretches the left part of the background 1000 pixels to the left, no need to add bogus separators.
dejitaru Ah, thanks for the enlightening me! I kinda missed the meaning of that particular setting the first time. Nice screenshot again as is your other one on boxshots!
cronic5 Can I have the desktop background?
apolloFER Could you please make those 3 templates available for download, or maybe send them in a mail... tnx

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