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xoblite :: simplicity@sea User simplicity@sea
I own absolutely no part of any of these items. I only claim that they are pretty fricken cool. I give complete credit to their respective authors.

@copyright qwilk; Bandai 
Shell xoblite
Style elyts by qwilk ( 
Wallpaper Witch Hunter Robin (Bandai) 

qwilk Thanks! :D However, I noticed you haven't installed the Blackbox font pack - link
qwilk will make the style look even cooler... :)
simplicity@sea I know it sounds incredibly odd but I couldn't quite figure out how to install the font pack. Everytime I would install it to my windows/font directory, it wouldn't show up. When I get some time, I will look online to see if I can find some docs. Thank you for the comment Qwilk! I love Xoblite.
qwilk Please note that unzipping directly into your fonts dir won't work. You will have to unzip to a temporary dir, copy the files, and paste them into the fonts dir. This will "install" the fonts properly. BR//Karl
simplicity@sea That worked. *smile* And yes, it looks much better.*smile* Thank you so much Qwilk for taking the time to reply about the fonts.
lefi plz send me this

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