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screencap 2008 june :: szekelya User szekelya
Not much changed since the last shot, made a simpler start button and found a matching wall.
I just wanted to upload it before I change the style and probably go for some light theme with blueish wallpaper colors for a change.
Win2k, BBClean, SystemBarEx bar, samurize meters and icons, rocketdock at the bottom, IM/IRC is Pidgin. 
Shell BBLC\BBLean

dpcdpc11 nice one man... great matching color!!! really nice setup!
mini-man awesome
Shadow Very nice. Mixs together well.
cthu1hu great desk and style.
captain i want a dock that looks like that... how do i configure this god awful rocketdock? i can't even get folders to open up as menu's
Pitkon Excellent atmo, as usual... Kudos...
szekelya thanks folks, I'm glad you like it
Superxavier Your wife is hot.
szekelya Yes she is, but on one hand I'd prefer to hear from you that she's nice rather than hot, on the other hand, since you haven't even seen her, I'm sure you wanted to tell this to Shadow, lol.
TibeRiuS How did you get the start button and shodow under the bar?
szekelya The startbutton (and the folder menu, volumebutton, winampcontrols) is BBInterface, while the shadow is applied on the wallpaper before applying it.

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