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bewbies :: maaneeack User maaneeack
I took a screen with this bg but didn't look to see if I up'd it, so I took another since I've made some changes recently.
I had rainmeters set up on either top corner (cpu/swap topleft, up/down on topright) but decided to drop it and go back to bbsysmonplus in a new layout (I use to have 2 line with the same info).
Edited style to use ProFontWindows, see the scite window in the shot for more. 
Shell blackbox
Style Tuxwin by Antix 
Wallpaper image from 4chan /w/, never got source for it 

Spoofing nice fonts & window skin buttons)
maaneeack thanks. using bbleanskinmod with a set of buttons I found, somewhere...the zip file with the buttons is
mizu.taifux Very nice desk! Good font!
Pitkon Wow, great font and layout!
Pitkon AND great window buttons...
dejitaru Any chance ya can upload the wallpaper file somewhere? I'd love to use it, then again if ya don't want to could ya just send it to me? As the others have said nice desk all round tho, never could get used to the virtual windows/spaces idea...
maaneeack More info: bbleanskinmod buttons from LitB forums. Wallpaper from 4chan (an image board), I feel kind of bad sharing the wall since I don't who to credit, but link - I'm taking it down after the 1st though. I use 5 workspaces, using hotkeys to switch back and forth (ctrl + numpad 1-5). I'm surprised I got that many comments saying my layout is good, its just my standard minimal fare. Glad others like it though.
dejitaru Thanks! Yep I know what 4chan is tho I have a feeling alot of the stuff has that happen to it i.e. people have stuff from it with no idea who the source is.Not saying it's an excuse just an opinion that's all.Hmmm who knows I may get used to 'em if I give 'em another chance but for know it works just fine with one workspace.Lol, minimal can be quite popular then again so can it's opposite, just depends on how well(?) it's done.

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