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blast :: jarppi User jarppi
Something I've been hogging for myself for a while now. Nothing special imo. Feel free to drop a comment :]

Wallpaper found @ link 
Shell blackbox
Style blast black by jarppi
Wallpaper Unnamed STALKER fan-art by Aleksej Zaharov 

TXTR Always liked your work, this is no exclusion
jarppi thanks mate, didn't know i had a fan :)
jhevo how did you get your taskbar and title bars so thin? i've tried, but i can't even get close..
jarppi reduce the font size :)
TXTR marginwidth: 0 helps, too :)
jhevo marginwidth did it - i thought it'd be something obvious that i just overlooked ;) thx guys!
meridian_blue dark is a good thing...=)

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