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Kind of a cheat :: etnlIcarus User etnlIcarus
Not really a '*box' but pretty close to it: my Xfce desktop, which is about as minimal and box-like as I can get it.

GTK+2 style is Murrina-Night-Owl, my own creation.
Xfwm style is a heavily modified Rele theme (now Rele-Night-Owl).
Icon set is an old version of Crashbit.
Fonts in use are Dungeon (bottom panel; window border) generic monospace (terminal emu) and Lucida Grande (everything else), size 7. 
Shell Nix Box
Wallpaper something from 

Jarppi plain and simple, this looks really cool.
dejitaru Nice! Ya know everytime I see one of these I wanna switch back to linux only to recall that some of my windows apps won't work >_
snkmchnb wallpaper link
maaneeack Share the gtk2 theme? Bar along the top is conky, and the terminal is the xfce term?
etnlIcarus Yes to all 3. Here's the gtkrc: link
maaneeack thanks

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