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freeze :: NC-17 User NC-17
wallpaper from link

mmmm yes :) 
Shell blackbox
Style freeze by nc-17 (
Wallpaper HellFrozenOver-notext-1280x.jpg 

NC-17 oooo-eeee number 500! \o/ but beware, screenshot is also 500kb hehe :D (the png would have been 1.64mb...)
auto Great Style, I just wish you guys would stop teasing us with bbwinskin ss's....
dubox i don't like diablo, nevertheless a nice wall an style...
Tres`ni Actually #419, but close :-P And what did you do breaking the layout!?! I mean sheesh! heh
necroboi like dubox i don't like diablo, but i think it turned out rather nice...
NC-17 i never play it either anymore, but i liked the wallpaper :)

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