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23-11-08 :: nosebleed User nosebleed
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Flatpack Blue by ~Nosebleed
Wallpaper Colored Backgrounds by ~Alexander-GG 

irish i like that menu thing in the mid, did you make the entire thing with interface or is it some kind of plugin?
cthu1hu Nice desktop/style. And nice reading. Salon's Glenn Greenwald is the best political insight on the nets. @irish: That's Firefox.
irish @cthu1hu im retarded. lol
nosebleed @irish, its firefox with tiny menu added, enables you to get rid of the menu bar. The bar reappears when you press ALT. @cthu1hu, Joan Walsh isn't bad either.
jarppi Hooah, this one's secksy. Awesome.
irish @nosebleed - d00d thats pretty interesting... where would someone go to find such a menu?
nosebleed its a firefox extension called Tiny Menu

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