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december 1 desktop :: thewayofzen User thewayofzen
This is my current desktop.
The gtk and the openbox themes are created by me.
the icons are a mod i made for personal use.. original iconset was heyloves creation if i remember right.
The pypanel is colored by me.
The conkyrc is a mod of another users in which i removed some stuff and recolored it.
compositing done through xcompmgr to provide shadows and such.
media player is sonata and mpd.
file manager is thunar

I was planning to release whatever style i made next.. this being it.. but with all that work a simple style file wasnt going to do anyone much good.

if you want any or all of it email me.

Shell Nix Box
Style you shoulda seen the other guy 
Wallpaper arch linux wallpaper found in arch forums randomly 

qwilk Wow. I want the style, regardless! :)
wickedlester Man, that looks awsome. would love to rock that on my arch desktop. email sent.
thewayofzen link link thats both submissions.. i didnt get permissions so i apologise in advance to anyone i piss off..
skwire Gorgeous, zen.
Carsomyr Awesome style. And the fact that the openbox style and the gtk match looks great. This is probably staying on the laptop for a while

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