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Jambi :: auto User auto
This is the first style I have made in many months, I hope someone enjoys it. Happy Holiday's to all. 
Shell xoblite
Style Jambi by auto
Wallpaper Background Green.jpg 

anime-addict really nice colors, dark and smooth, I like it!
unkamunka Frohe Weihnachten :D
Skwire Subtle. Is the green.jpg background available?
Skwire For the record, I did look at link but did not see it. Maybe I missed it?
snkmchnb f'in slick, man!
auto Skwire: link - It's a part of the 7 color pack.
auto snkmchnb: Glad you like it, I was terribly rusty lol.
cthu1hu Reminds me of an artwiz style. Nice work. xoblite is looking tasty.

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