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4sq :: bongraster User bongraster
bbmien :) 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style 4sq by bongraster

keef Don't you brake your eyes?
dpcdpc11 this should work fine at night... but during the day it seems an eye breaker! cool layout btw... nice style... reminds me of an old style I made a while ago... keep up the good work!
cthu1hu I'm thinking his monitor might be a lot brighter than mine. I can tell there's a background there, but can hardly see it.
bngr you should fix your monitor :)
thewayofzen the way i see it.. judging by his releases.. there isnt anything wrong with cthu1hu's monitor in the least..
cthu1hu My laptop is pretty bright and I have to turn it down a lot. Yours must be super bright..

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