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shhy_06_bb7 :: blockhead User blockhead
The style, written for linux blackbox 0.70.1, is the sixth in the SHHY series. Wallpaper is of Mandy Moore and can be found at
Shell Nix Box
Style shhy_06_bb7 by pcc aka blockhead
Wallpaper mandy-moore-1600x1200-19925.jpg 

thewayofzen another fine release blockhead :) glad to get to approve it. got your email today.. ive been dealing with a lot of real life stuff so i havent had chance to get on irc.... hanging in though nothing to worry bout :) hope youre well dude
ttandej Great style blockhead.using it now.
feautre i love the pink color you use as an accent
dubox very nice!
ttandej I recolored your style to match a wallpaper I liked. I hope its flattering and not stealing ;)
captain nice style... but what in gods name has she done with her hair?! she looks like a guy with tits
blockhead I like her short hair, it's hot.

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