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CandyAss :: OpieTheRipper User OpieTheRipper
I wanted to do another background to base it off of, but I asked my sister and she said this one instead and I hate when people ask me a question they already have an answer to, so since I asked I decided to go with what she said.

On a side note, don't smoke pot because researchers have linked STDs with pot.
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style CandyAss by OpieTheRipper
Wallpaper If you want it Email me 

cthu1hu Very loud colors. The wall is pretty cool though.
OpieTheRipper It is to match the sprinkles, I love donuts. We are talking about donuts right?
cthu1hu I don't eat donuts very often, but when I do they're heavenly..
OpieTheRipper Already a few emails requesting this wallpaper. Truely Tasty!
DaTruth Why do people have to email you about getting the wallpaper? Can't you put up a link? So, either getting emailed makes you feel special or this someone elses wallpaper and you dont' have rights to distribute it on this site. Either put up a link or take your theme down.
OpieTheRipper DaTruth why the anger? Calm down man. Why do you care so much about how I feel or my status with this wallpaper? Thanks for putting so much energy into me. That truly does make me feel special. I hope to hear more raaaage from you.
squizzerls Man, someone is butthurt. Anyways, nice style. Expect an email asking for the wallpaper.
OpieTheRipper Booo Squizz... He never came back to leave another comment. I don't feel special anymore. :-(. Anyways See you on Saturday.
Mike D Would like a link to the wallpaper too!
aqui link There it is. ©2009 *auxcentral
OpieTheRipper The problem with that link is that it is cropped to not fit wallpaper standards.

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