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Avion? :: Tech-Mike User Tech-Mike
Thought I'd share after Trillians Avion Pro beautified it :-P

This may go well with Azenis2 also ... ?

BBLean 1.17 (what happened to menu icons!?)

Anyway, What ya think? 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Blarga Blue Tech-Mike Modify 
Wallpaper Space? Tech-Mike Colorfy 

cthu1hu Nice desktop.
irish what are those transparent bars on the left and right on some of your windows? like your contact list?
OpieTheRipper He blurred his friends'/family's screen names. That's all. They aren't neat-o coding just editing. But nice style indeed boss.
irish No not that, (obviously lol) im talking about the see through bars on the left and right of the windows themselves, he has them on the System Monitor on the left, his chat window along with his contact list.
Tech-Mike There part of the skin, the glass side-bars right?...part of the Trillian skin: Avion Pro ... on the left is a skin config I created to match (Samurize).
irish i see... very interesting Mike... very interesting indeed
blxc download~~~~~~~
Tech-Mike Well if I could edit my post id attach it - other than that I dont want to upload it elsewhere....or actually I have a deviant art profile, maybe ill put it there, ill post back on that.
wowcool Word download cool skin
Tech-Mike As requested: link

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