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Wild :: auto User auto
I changed the gradients to vertical and i think it looks better this way. 
Shell xoblite
Style Wild 
Wallpaper techno walk 

necroboi yeah, i like it... by all means release more of your work :)
Saligia hmmm... i just wondering why you used my photo without any permission ... ? link ^ :| Just delete it.
auto I dont understand why you are upset, its just a screenshot of my desktop.
Jesterace Saligia we don't host wallpapers because of copyright issues. It's only a screenshot . And is not packaged by anymeans. So you should put a disclaimer on your work at deviant art and tell people don't dload it and use these images as their desktop wallpaper. Or don't release anything.
auto The admins at DA told me i was in the wrong. I didnt edit or distribute it in anyway and credited her in both my style file and in a link to the photograph. I have deleted all my photos from DA and left, I am sad about it but i left on principal as i feel i did nothing wrong.
Tres`ni TMK you haven't regardless of what the DA mods say. You are not offering her work for download or claiming it as your own, you have not misrepresented ownership, not are you attempting to make a profit from the use of her work. IMO it is she who is wrong and instead of feeling mad/angry or whatever , should feel flattered that you used her work.
nightmare i agree completely with tres'ni, if the author of the wallpaper doens't want his/her wallpaper gracing people's desktops, then wahts the point of releasing it? I would be very happy if i saw a screenshot with one of my works in it.
good LOL. with the given info, devart sounds like stupid kids. And saligia looks like an asshole. lol
auto It's funny looking back and remembering this whole incident. My original DA account which I abandoned will be turning 10 years old soon. It's funny how time flies. I still never use this style to this day because of the bad taste it left in my mouth.

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