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dejavu :: 4usgefallene User 4usgefallene
juz want yooouuuuuuuuuuurrrrrr niiiiiiiiicee commentsssssssssssssss thankzzzzzzzzzz!:D 
Shell blackbox
Wallpaper sun gazing 

spiltbluhd very clean. what messenger is that?
Tech-Mike Simplicity - LOVE IT.
thewayofzen i think your keyboard is broken.. might wanna get that fixed.
Tech-Mike Maybe its not the keyboard, maybe he has some sort of speech impediment...a stutter maybe? LOL j/k
spiltt is that a gtk theme with pidgin, if so, which one is it?
arietta >>>>spilt that is miranda im, link >>>>tech-mike thanks:D >>>>thewayofzen gonna buy cherry keyboard lol:P
Sirpsycho So many questions.. What is the white 3d'ish font used in your taskbar? With what program is the bar with the lyrics and clock done, foobar, rainmeter?
_|>_ wow. All the questions everyone has asked above. I want to know too! This is one of the few times I've looked at a screenshot and thought, "what is that?" about so many things. But also, I likes. Theme, wall, look, it all goes together really well. Nice job.

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