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anode_alliance2 :: doctorfrog User doctorfrog
A desaturated recolor of anode_alliance. For some reason, it's very hard to make any color work with purple. They just don't seem to get along on a computer screen. So, drain the color, try again. I'm still not 100% happy with the blue (it's now looking too green), but there comes a time where you just have to move on. 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style anode_alliance2 by doctorfrog (
Wallpaper bsetroot 

cthu1hu Nice classic look. Green is the composite of purple, but you run the risk of an incredible hulk style color scheme. ;)
cthu1hu and by composite, my spell checker meant opposite.
doctorfrog thanks cth. and yeah, i was afraid of the same thing. i used to have an incredible hulk light swtich as a kid, talk about classic. green skin, ripped purple pants, lol. how appropriate, since at times this style makes me very angry.
cthu1hu hehheh. Cyan is the opposite of red, which is close to your scheme here, so I think it fits.

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