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Wonder :: tX User tX
Hey fellas, its been some time, how are u all? 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style hmm 
Wallpaper Wonder - homemade 

doctorfrog So, are you coming back to blackbox, or have you been using it all along?
tX Have never used anything else, just cba to post too many shots bcz i dont change much these days :)
cthu1hu Welcome back. Nice setup.
doctorfrog I feel you there tX, I disappear six to twelve months at a time due to an overall satisfaction with where I am with bb. Sometimes I wonder if the shell were less satisfying to use, we'd see more action :)
tX thx cth :) and yes, doctor you have a point :P just funny: i was at franzy with changing setups for a while; then suddenly i had something i didnt even change the wallpaper on for a couple of weeks and the tendency is surely still on the uprise :D

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