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Elberg :: oldskull User oldskull
Shell blackbox
Style Elberg 

sMs u must have spent a lot of time making the shwllwm skin, those close minimise and restore buttons are really nice
Jesterace that's a nice style, you make the shellwm skin? because if you it's beautiful.
Jesterace btw In Flames kick arse!!
Jesterace my english seems to be lacking even tho it's my first language :P
oldskull anyway thanks for the comment. and the shellwm skin I port it. its was a Elberg theme can found here link but I dont port it completly, only port the button, caption bar and bottom bar to shellwm skin. Anyway dont know if I can realease it or not.
necroboi very unique skin... i don't think there'd be a problem releasing if you contact the author about it

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