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It's Full Of Star :: Phosphoer User Phosphoer
Another 'interface' theme where the wallpaper is more integral to the style than in others where it's just decoration.

On a side note, Starshatter is awesome :) 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Wallpaper Screenshot of Starshatter 

etnlIcarus Extremely geek-chic. Looks like MS Bob grew up.
Phosphoer Haha, that never even occurred to me xD.
meanmechanics seen a shot in deviant where a guy had his apartment themed like this. It's very fun! think i'm gonna try one some other day. Do you make use of bbinterface too in some of your "interfaces"?
Phosphoer No bbInterface, yet. So far I've just used purely bbIconBox ^^.
RNR Absolutly handsome! What plug-in did you use for the digital clock? And what font?
100 perfect

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