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wandering wondering :: meanmechanics User meanmechanics
I really like what PhosPhoer is doing in his "'interface' themes" so I tried one... 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Wallpaper spaceplatform mod 

Phosphoer Sweet! A follower! :p I like it. Kinda reminds me of 'Minority Report' interestingly enough.
Phosphoer PS, what is this 'Flat World in a Box' thing you've got going on there?
meanmechanics :-) hey good ideas should always be followed "Flat world in a box" is an unfinished wallpaper running in bbslideshow
RNR Hi Meanmechanics, What plug-in did you use for the meters on the left side? Is it bbsysmeter? If so, how did you manage to get more than 1 meter runing on the same time? Looks good! Too bad you did not give a link to the style... I would have used it :(
meanmechanics Hi RNR sorry for this late answer. First thing first: The plugins on the left from top to bottom: 1. BBinterface, the latter has a label (kind of widget) than can display system stats in caption or graph.. 2. bbsysmon 3. bbinferface again 4. bbanalog 1.7.1 an analog clock 5. BBDigitalEx 1.0b7 a digital clock Those five plugins are loaded thru a bbinterface frame. If you are not very accustom with bbinterface I can email you the module so you'll just have to load bbinterface but I really think it's funnier to play with bbinterface. (b) the style is here: link

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