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Return to Innsmouth :: meanmechanics User meanmechanics
My first and last BlackBox style I think. It's too hard without bbstylemaker, I'm lazy as hell and making a style without the latter is boring job.

Credits to itiVO's style from whom I've borrowed some of the colors link and dubox's style akai bb v2 as script model to create mine  
Shell blackbox
Style Return to Innsmouth by Meanmechanics

cthu1hu I go with whichever branch supports bbstylemaker. Can't make styles without it.. The bar across the top is quite nice.
meanmechanics Yeah! BB4Win is definitely the best!!!! I think it's the only flaw with's geek-O-Rama Land. The strangest thing is that Neo-x works fine with blackbox but another style like corpus has a blank white menu, toolbar and window decoration. I think I'm going to try to port some of your styles to BlackBox...with your permission of course... the top bar is Perlpanel, very nice indeed. I use it with all my window managers, it's my personal remote control.
meanmechanics Ah!! I knew I've read something about blank styles! Got the answer from the forums: link Tks Unkamunka
cthu1hu Port away. I used to port to fluxbox. It was much easier back then though.

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