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anode_ai_cooler :: doctorfrog User doctorfrog
just a quick monotone style, blue on blue. 
Shell BBLCBBLean
Style anode_ai_cooler by doctorfrog (
Wallpaper bsetrootgenned 

meanmechanics 7works well with bb...must try Nice blue! monotone blue is what microsoft did with xp
Spoofing this is windows 7? cool, what the version of blackbox? bbclean by noccy, bblean 1.17 or what? :)
doctorfrog This is bblean 1.17.1, 64-bit, running on W7. A few minor quirks, but it works well. I hope Grischka keeps it updated...
raj Nice. I suggest replacing explorer file manager with something better too. For example, I use xplorer2 Lite. Explorer really doesnt fit with blackbox imo. :P

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