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seascape :: phosphoer User phosphoer
Trying true transparency in place of bblean because I was tired of foobar not skinning properly. (Course now I find that visual studio hates tt, but what can you do xD).  
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Style seascape by Phosphoer

phosphoer Whoops, I meant in place of bbleanskin. Also forgot to mention the tt is my mod of autumn by jefinhosss.
meanmechanics really nice and clean.Second time I see such a nice and minimal setting with tt.Most tt themers over charge it Imo.Is it on the eeepc?
phosphoer Close, a lenovo netbook (x100e). I actually just dumped tt in favor of straight up 3dcc. Kinda like how simple (and compatible!) it is, will post a shot eventually.
doctorfrog what is tt?
doctorfrog nvm, i fio (figured it out)
phosphoer Haha, I see what you did there. xD Only problem I have with true transparency is sometimes it takes a second to draw the skin over default windows title, and it crashes visual studio if you do a debug break. I imagine it is not compatible with some other programs as well since it crashes visual studio.
meanmechanics I also moved to 3dcc sometimes ago because window skinners can be a real pain in the a.when it comes to decorate apps that come with their own skins or other softwares like firefox.I really missed rollup so I installed this link

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