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Street Racer :: Michel User Michel
a 24 hour old installation of Debian with Fluxbox, so not fine tuned at all, but a hint of where I want to go with this. 
Shell Nix Box
Style Elfin2 
Wallpaper Street Racer 

phosphoer Pretty nice, I like everything except the wall.
Michel Any suggestions for a wall with that colorscheme, pshosphoer?
phosphoer The wall matches the scheme fine, just as a personal preference I dont like car wallpapers. : p I would go for something more minimalist.
Michel Thats what I meant. something with the same colors - burt another motive?
cthu1hu You can search wallbase by color link [potentially NSFW]
Michel Thanks Princess, that site was added to favorites.
cthu1hu Princess huh? First time for everything.
meanmechanics I think Lovecraft just had a fit from what ever hell he is!LOL!I was going to add a link but I am not so sure LMFAO!link
meanmechanics I am having a fit!!!choking too!Nice shot michel.French?
Pitkon Ah, finally back. And I DO like the wall. Good work, Michel!

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