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Aesthetic Groove :: lyrae User lyrae
Hello all!

Shell BBLCBBLean
Wallpaper Fatamorgana 

cthu1hu Hi! So nice to see a style from you again.
Pitkon Hey, lyrae, soooo good to see you styling again! How is life treating you down under? Is this a plugin on the right, or are you using bbi? And you are welcome to join us over at link We would love to have your screenshots and styles over there as well :)
lyrae No, it is not a plugin. It is rainmeter on top of bbi. And life is treating me good, thanks Pitkon and cthu1hu :)
Pitkon My pleasure, lyrae. And the invitation stands :)
Pitkon Just realized what you wrote. Rainmeter on TOP of bbi? What do you mean?
lyrae Is bbi stand for bbinterface or is it bbinterfacemod? I used bbinterface as a backdrop and added rainmeter of top because cpu monitor from bbinterface was not working.
Pitkon I meant bbinterface in general. So, you are using bbi as a graphics file, sort of. Why dont you try bbi itunes mod by kazmix? CPU monitor (and all other monitors) work like a dream, even on Windows 7 :)
Pitkon Build by Kazmix: link Thanks, Raj, you had the link handy :)
meanmechanics oh my god.It s really you?It must be Always wanted to thank you for all those skins that i use and mod.thank you
lyrae Tried bbi mod but cpu still does not work. Nah, I will stick with rainmeter. Yes meanmechanics it is me. Glad to know you like my skins :) Will be porting my linux styles to bblean soon.
Pitkon Strange, Lyrae, bbimod works just fine for me, both on XP and 7, And do your styles need porting to BBLean? I thought it was the other way around :D
snkmchnb good to see you around, lyrae

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