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Homage :: Pitkon User Pitkon
This is the first style with the new BBClean XZero450 Custom build, with lots of options and goodies. The theme (everything you see is BBInterface, including the pseudo-Xion skin in the middle) was submitted to deviantART with the build, XZero450 customized systembarex, bbleanskin and bbleanbar plugins, wallpaper, icons, scripts etc. Get it from link 
Shell BBLCBBLean
Style Homage 
Wallpaper Embedded Orb by YourNumbr1Fan 

meanmechanics ...speechless
Pitkon Glad you like it, Alex! :D
cthu1hu Nice. Are the menu separators new?
lyrae Very nice looking although a bit too big for my taste :)
Pitkon cthu1hu: No, not new, they were implemented by noccy on BBClean. They are the only ones that use full length, flat, bevel etc. XZero450 ported them to BBCLeanXZ. Thank you! lyrae: Thank you! I like big - it is my signature, I guess :D

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