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luna_pl_conf_hat :: blockhead User blockhead
Another style for blackbox zero. It will break on unix blackbox.

Pic is available here at link:// (tinypic gave it a jpg extension but it *IS* png)

The wallpaper took forever to upload, pngs are friggen huge. Had to upload a png because the jpg had too many jpg artifacts.
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style luna_pl_conf_hat by blockhead aka pcc
Wallpaper luna_pl_conf_hat.png 

Pitkon Excellent colors on this one. But why does it break *nix blackbox? If split graphics are not used, the syntax remains the same...
blockhead pitkon: refer to this which shows the same style in unix (and linux) blackbox to see how it breaks. When unix bb went to the new style syntax, it no longer parsed old style syntax, not even styles that worked correctly in old unix bb. In other words, unix bb is not even compatible with itself! What this means is that it is next to impossible to maintain compatibility with unix ... so why bother trying?

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