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xedni_steelgreen_mk6 and 7 :: doctorfrog User doctorfrog
Not sure where this one is going, but after using the same two or three styles for the last couple years, Im taking my time and designing a new set, starting with this one. As usual, Im trying to do something risky with color (risky for me anyway) and gradients, working with the inherent limitations of the shell. Its weird, at first I really loved the highlight gradient, now Im starting to really hate it. Soliciting feedback! (shell bblean 1.17.1 64 bit, total vanilla) 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style xedni_steelgreen_mk6 by doctorfrog |

Pitkon I really love those colors! Well done, doc! What do you mean by highlight gradient? Rectangular? Elliptic? Pyramid?
Pitkon Testing...
meanmechanics Hi drfrog! I really like the colors, they blend very well together. I am never sure what synonyms to use whenever I need to describe your styles. But you already know that I am a total fan. The overall style has a very soothing ...effect on me. The menu is perfect with the active highlight. The only things that I dont like , and dont is not really negative, is window decorations they are somewhat different.While the inactive WD retain the same tonal range and gradient of the style on the other hand the active one seems flat and ,,livelier,, ...Im not sure to be be very clear...
doctorfrog Thanks meanmechanics! The style definitely isnt finished, and I am not entirely pleased with it either. It is a style in flux. I think that I do like the way the inactive bars seem dead against the background, so I may keep them that way. But at any rate, I may still release the style with a more carpet-matches-the-drapes approach, kind of as a nod to those who like things to match. Me, I get annoyed when things match too much, just seems too easy!
Pitkon Actually, matching things can be tough. It is usually easy to use any kind of different color just for the fun of it, but finding hues that seem the same and different at the same time within a certain spectrum and do justice to the background means hard work, at least in my humble opinion :)
meanmechanics For god,s sake, and mine, do not match them!!! Tried them and they are fine as they are.Though I must say that the something different is on another (for the pleasure of chatting) level. As you said bb comes with some inherent limitations, the only way to tweak around sometimes is to play with gradient, size, border, transparency and color. The inactive window has something ,,pulpy,, and the active one sharper. That is where I find it different and at first glance, out of place. In fact when I use it everything fall right where I expect to find you : unobtrusive, simple and clean thus beautiful. The only things that I changed was the font of inactive window to a blank one and 3dcc to a deele pastel. Tks for sharing
meanmechanics and pete is right :) I really suck at matching things. am always wearing red socks with green shoes and i really look like a damn leprechaun.
doctorfrog Thanks mm and pitkon for the comments! Yeah, this style will continue to evolve, but I hold no patent on it, so feel free to grab it and experiment! See what you can come up with. I will be doing the same. The trouble with developing a color scheme is that you get used to some things that you shouldnt, and you grow to dislike things that others find harmonious. Its a journey, to be sure.
Pitkon "Get used to some things that you shouldnt and grow to dislike things that others find harmonious". How right you are. Yes, the danger is always there, but so is aesthetics...
Pitkon I am afraid there is another glitch in the system... Comments appear and disappear... Sorry, folks... Had to post the same comment twice, thinking the first one got lost...

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