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The check and The mate :: meanmechanics User meanmechanics
Some years ago doctorfrog challenged the LIB forum to make a style base on 2001 A space odyssey scene with Hal playing chess with Frank...draw your conclusion on the rest but I found the idea very challenging...

Download 3dcc+style 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style the check and the mate by meanmechanics
Wallpaper night_in_the_city_by_alextc1-d4fjrzc 

doctorfrog holy cats, time flies! I saw this thumbnail and thought, "This looks very familiar!" Nice style, mm.
meanmechanics Hi DrFrog. thks. We are not getting younger...I really found this challenge exciting and refreshing. I am also a fan of the 2001 space odyssey.It will be interesting to have such events here in BS

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