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beeee :: meanmechanics User meanmechanics
I would have love to own a bebox
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Beee by meanmechanics

snkmchnb ever look at link
meanmechanics Well, yes I even downloaded the last alpha. you know how it is...once you taste you want to test further more. In fact I want the whole thing not only OS but the computer too! got a friend with a Bebox (the computer itself) but it is kinda completely down.
Pitkon One of your best ever, Alex! And I love the work you did with bbi...
meanmechanics Thanks Pete! Trying to keep pace with you :)
doctorfrog Wonderfully simple. Very tempting!
meanmechanics Hey Drfrog.Yeah I recently rediscovered BeOs. I tried Haiku.I dont know if its me or else but I could not get that feeling of simplicity so i made my bbOS lol.Thanks for appreciation

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