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Blue Glass :: Pitkon User Pitkon
It's funny, but ever since bbwinskin came out, fewer and fewer styles were uploaded at I hope I'm ringing the changes... 
Shell blackbox
Style Blue Glass by Pitkon
Wallpaper 8181_blue_glass.png 

snkmchnb i think what's happened since the release is people are re-doing their previous styles and/or making new ones that a going to produce some *bling bling*
evolve Looks good Pitkon.. That's what I'm doing I have 30 some odd Styles @ my site i have to update
Pitkon That's good! Keep the styles coming, guys!
El`Criticon well this one suck,,, its too width mmmm the wallpaper suck! mmmmmmm sorry
moshi and so do you El Criticon. people that rate styles on the look of the wallpaper are idiots in general anyways. (you can chnge it you know)
El`Criticon mmmmmm well mmmmmmm so if the wallpaper isnt important why r people using them in theirs styles? i thinkk the wallpaper complete the style mmmmmmmm thats my opinion
dubox nice again, pitkon. your right moshi ;)
Pitkon Thanx, dubox

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